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Empowering physicians, empowering healthcare

Thanks to your support, over 10,000 physicians can benefit from a quality educational activity.

What is AOP?

AOP is dedicated to achieving the highest quality of teaching in the field of dermatology, plastic surgery and aging medicine. Each year, the very best specialists are invited to share their expertise on different treatments and techniques available. Achieving this vision requires a dynamic organization whose mission embodies the following standards:

  • Fair representation and unification of plastic surgery and dermatology
  • Excellence in teaching of all leading subjects on aging science and treatments
  • Constant adherence to ethical conduct

What is an educational grant?

An educational grant is a form of unconditioned financial support.

Unlike a sponsorship, which is characterized by a bilateral exchange implying that the receiver promotes the industry party, the grant is a unilateral gesture, not conditioned to any advertisement or participation in the content of the activity. Indeed, the scientific content is entirely developed and chosen by the Scientific Committee and is therefore eligible for CME Accreditation.

The funds are allocated to cover specific costs of the activity that are related to the provision of a balanced, accurate and scientifically independent activity, project, or program.

Why support AOP?

For over 25 years, AOP has been committed to providing the highest quality of educational content for physicians in the medical aesthetic field. With three worldwide meetings and over 550 hours of learning per year, AOP has established itself as one of the most prestigious meetings in this specialty.

In a field that constantly evolves, physicians need to keep their knowledge up to date aided by the latest developments and techniques. With hundreds of CME accredited hours of learning over the course of three worldwide congresses, we ensure to fill the educational needs of more than 14,000 participants from more than 170 countries globally, and subsequently provide safe, high quality and effective health outcomes for patients.

Where do the funds go?

The funds received through educational grants are used to finance the activities directly related to the scientific content. This tangible support allows us to propose an intangible asset of high-quality medical education.

How does it work?

You can provide a Grant by selecting in one or several of our “Educational Grant Activities” products on Here is how it works:

  1. Once you have selected the session you wish to grant, you have the opportunity to suggest 3 experts and 3 topics to take part.
  2. AOP Scientific Board will review your suggestions, and may include one of the 3 experts within the session (To ensure scientific integrity, the speakers and topics are strictly chosen by the Scientific Board).
  3. Once the funds are received, they are allocated to the appropriate supply.

N.B.: In gratitude of our grantors’ generosity, AOP delivers acknowledgements though the various media such as the meeting program and/or signage.