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Dr Christine FARDEAU


Full-time hospital practitioner, after a Master’s degree in Cell Biology, and an interuniversity diploma in Statistics, referent in inflammatory ophthalmological uveitis pathology, Dr Fardeau has kept working at prospective and retrospective clinical research activity , which remains intense over the decades, thanks to the guidance and training of residents and young ophthalmologists, having resulted in many international published works, dealing more specifically with posterior uveitis. In the same spirit, Dr Fardeau, involved in the teaching of 4 universitary diplomas and invested in patients’ and charitable associations, was rapporteur for the Ophthalmology department of the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, for the High Authority of Health to integrate the Reference Center in Rare Diseases OPHTARA, and created the program of Therapeutic Education for Uveitis Patients, in the 3rd national plan for Rare Diseases.

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